How to travel the world with almost no money

How to start Travelling the world with no money

I’ll let you know a little secret, you can, and you will!

Many people (like almost everyone) believe that you need some sort of financial independence to start traveling the world and fulfil your dreams! However, by the end of this blog you gonna have a solid fundamental idea how you can purchase a one way ticket tomorrow, and explore the world of today.

Lets start off with the basics,


Checking Guest In and Out

Providing Local Information and Directions

Mingling with Guests to Create a Social Environment

• Cleaning

  • Bartending and Serving

• Events

Promoting and Planning Events

Leading Bar Crawls and Booze Cruises

These two websites alone can help you travel the world for as long as you like, simple as that. I’ve met so many travellers that have been on the road for many many years just because they keep hopping from country to country working at different hostels one month to a year at the time. The job is extremely easy and so much fun, you never feel like you are working but rather feel like you are hanging out with your new best friends.

But id like to point out some of the hostels instead of paying you would offer a free stay at their hostel for as long as you like, but in return ask you to work 2-4 hours a day behind the desk or take the newcomers to a bar crawl (so much fun with your new budgeteers).

Another great Australian website is

This website helps you find work in Australia, great way to connect with the locals before you arrive. Most popular job for backpackers here would be “picking”. Because Australia is very busy with its farming. Often farmers find backpackers that travel near by to help them pick their product in exchange for food and accommodations.

Few other items that would help you land a local job quicker:

  • Bartender/Server licence

Often you walk in into any bar or busy place with a simple offer to work for them for as long as they would keep you, in return they would pay you some money at the end. Bar owners like to do that sort of thing to keep the traffic of people come in, have enough people to work and keep the books clean for the government. its a WIN WIN! so spend 350-500$ while you are at home for those evening classes and in less than 2-3 weeks you can have a back up job anywhere your heart takes you!

  • Translator

If you know two or more languages fluently you can help with the local organization to help some families that are in need, mainly this kind of gig is best found if asked around, and not through any particular website or anything on the web

  • Tour Guide

Kinda follows along a translator, a lot of hotels around the world might be looking for your language skills to show people around from your own country or any other languages that you might speak. Having to know 1-3 languages can really help you if you decide to travel around the world.