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If you ask yourself, what can you do to make a better tomorrow, would you finish your garden before the season, rebuild a tree house for your kid or maybe on your spare time help a local shelter, whatever you decide to do tomorrow is for a better cause for yourself or others. We live in a great day and age, we cross the seas, we fly across the globe, we concur the skies and explore the new limits of ourselves. One great thing we can do now more than ever is to learn other cultures, see how others live or lived, meet people and hear their stories, learn new recipes and teach some of your own, now we can share.

We all have those “oh, good old days” moment in our life once in a while, where we remember great stories, how easy things were back then or compare how much you’ve grown since. Imagine yourself in 10-20 years from now sitting on your porch, what are some stories gonna be told ? memories to be shared? We live in today, and now, where we can make a great story, a memory or an adventure that will last a lifetime. More to the point, if you wanna explore the world make it your priority. One great way to learn new cultures, travel and explore is by volunteering in different country. of the websites to help you find your next volunteer project is:








This website i can personally vouch for being the best source of volunteering projects, to meet great people, help them and travel along the way. The people here simply need a hand and willing to help you as well, providing you with food, comfortable shelter and most of all an experience that you will never forget.

I once read an interesting quote, it said:

“I rather own a little and see the world, than to own the world and see a little of it”

It make sense doesn’t it, the more money we make the busier we get, the quicker we forget what “free time” is like and life passes us by, until its too late. 20 years from now what are their stories gonna be ? their memories ? Make sure you don’t forget to live, and sometimes to truly live, is to travel and help others while you can.

These two websites can help you a little, if you truly have a cause for it, people will hear your message and will help you as much as they can. Some people you can read about travel the world and their only way to continue to share their stories is by the help they get from these two websites.


the next story, could be yours

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