Europe Travel Tips – Basics

Europe Travel Tips

Backpacking through Europe is like backpacking through your neighbours backyards, hopping from one to another. Idea is the same, everything you need is right there next to you. But there are a few things you should avoid or consider when deciding to take on Europe. Backpacking through most of EU countries doesn’t have to be heavy, in fact a small 20 -something litre backpack and a 20 – something year old girlfriend will do just fine, very fine.

So don’t forget:
Learn a few phrases

or some simple words that would make your trip a little more comfortable and a little less weird. you see, In some areas locals don’t like tourist. Apart from their friendly smiles, but as they hear that you are trying their perspective of you changes.

Take extra batteries

Many of us if not all already have experienced the feeling of a dead battery at the right moment, spend extra 20-50 dollars back home and get one or more extra batteries for your Camera or  GoPro, you’ll be glad you did

Photocopy your Documents

“ always back yourself up” wether it comes to documents, money, data or else always back yourself up i cant say that louuuuud enough. Take extra 10 seconds to print off pictures of your passport, local ID’s, and keep it with you somewhere else.

Take Notes

This is very important,

You see when you travel so much often you find yourself lost in numbers, street names, locations. It happens to the best of us, when you arrive to your new location take notes of where it is, street name, address, room and location. In Europe many cities look identical, you’d find yourself wandering (which is not a bad thing) just because it looked familiar and you knew the way. Use Google maps to pre download data of where you gonna be (suck the living bejesus of that Hostel sucky WIFI) Why do you think there’s so many tourists in Italy or Europe, they simply cant find a way out!
Be Flexible

I know backpacking takes some effort in organizing weeks or months before your take off, but honestly don’t plan too far. Idea behind your trip is to learn, find your adventure, relax and just sync in all you can while you go along. If you pre-plan everything on your trip you would be spending more time stressed over the fact that you cant make it to your destination on time or worse, give yourself some space. If you setting off backpacking without the due date to come back, give your plans only 2 destinations max, if you are setting off on a one week vacation (very sorry to hear that by the way) your time is a little more complex and these short trips require a lot of planning, but i promise if you only buy your way in and out, leave the rest for once you get there you gonna end up having way more fun than planning everything by the book!

Don’t overpack

This is very personal topic but main idea touches the basics of it, don’t overpack! If you overpack your backpack you’ll end up wearing almost non of it, but i get it, the fear walks in and whispers in your year “just in case”, end up with a backpack full of stuff you’ll really never gonna have a use for. I travelled around Europe with 1 packing cube it had

  • 1 Underarmour shirt
  • 1 Underarmour shirt with hoodie
  • 1 Nike thin windbreaker jacket
  • 2 socks
  • 2 pairs of underwear
  • Swimming shorts
  • Hiking shoes

The rest is on me

  • 100% cotton shirt
  • Columbia travel pants/shorts
  • Custom hat
  • Nike breathable shoes

All of that fitted in a “small” Amazonbasic small size cube which was more than enough on your trip for wherever you go

I’ll leave you with this, wherever you are going, whatever you are doing, do your homework and stay safe! Safe travels, or as one of my travel friends always say “ Don’t die, Stay fly” Credits to you Stina ”Hang loose”

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